Surgical Perspective Is Seeking To Raise 250,000€ To Develop Scarless Surgical Instruments

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Surgical Perspective is a young medical device company focused on innovative single-use surgical instruments. It is seeking funding for its business development through the Happy Capital crowdfunding platform.

After an initial fundraising round in 2013 mainly through the Irdinnov regional fund, Surgical Perspective is seeking €250,000 through the Happy Capital crowdfunding platform.

Objective: make scarless surgery accessible worldwide.

Focus on this innovative company which has developed unique products in a market with endless possibilities.

Instruments already taken up by major French hospitals
Surgical Perspective’s minimally invasive surgical instruments are the result of many years of R&D and have been taken up by over 50 hospitals worldwide, including sector leaders such as Paris’ Pitié Salpêtrière, Henri Mondor University Hospital and Strasbourg’s new civil hospital, as well as a number of private clinics.

Hospitals are increasingly seeking to allow patients to return home as quickly as possible following minimally-invasive surgery and to relieve post-operative pain. Surgical Perspective sees this as a booming market.

The company’s instruments allow surgeons to suspend certain organs and optimise field exposure during an operation, thereby minimising the number of incisions required. This technology is particularly suitable for obesity, gynaecology and urology surgery as well as other common types of surgery such as cholecystectomy.

Patient benefits include a reduction in post-operative pain, lower risk of complication and the possibility to return home more quickly. Advantages for surgeons include fewer instruments in the operating field, optimised field exposure and greater safety.

Crowdfunding for an issue that all of us might face
Surgical Perspective already raised €1 million through Irdinnov and Business Angels in 2013. The company, with its original founders and the same stakeholders, is now undertaking a 2nd fundraising round and is using the Happy Capital crowdfunding platform to raise a minimum amount of €250,000 out of a total of €1 million. As surgery is an issue that all of us might face, Surgical Perspective CEO Frédéric Mouret considers that the crowdfunding platform is an excellent alternative. As he explains:

“We are looking forward to working with the public of Happy Capital as the products we have developed have been designed almost completely with the patient in mind. As well as facilitating the surgeons’ work, these instruments are also indirectly aimed at hospital patients.”

The highly promising international market
About 10 million surgical procedures could potentially use Surgical Perspective technology, while the potential market for retractors for minimally invasive surgery is estimated at €500 million. This offers excellent growth prospects for the company.

The instruments have already proved successful outside France and have been taken up in hospitals in the United States, where Surgical Perspective is starting to expand its sales structure, and also in Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Australia and Central America. The company is also seeking marketing authorisations in Asia. Frédéric Mouret adds:

“This funding round will help us increase our operations in national markets where we already operate and in new ones where we obtain marketing authorisation. These are very costly initiatives, but we know that there is every chance there will be a positive outcome.”

Surgery is a worldwide growth market, open to new technologies and with endless marketing possibilities, which are highly encouraging for Surgical Perspective R&D.

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