Medtech Campus In Strasbourg


The medical technologies campus, a major economic project driven by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.

The medical technologies campus was created in 2012 and came about through worldwide medical, technological and scientific cooperation in the healthcare sector.

The aim of the campus, which is located within Strasbourg’s central hospital, is to create an outstanding environment for the medical devices market and to improve patients’ quality of life while enhancing the Eurometropolis’ economic attractiveness.

Medical and scientific excellence demonstrates that it is essential to capitalise on the knowledge economy, a major lever for business growth. The MedTech campus enjoys a cross-border and international outreach which gives it the impetus to combine research, healthcare and training skills, with start-ups operating alongside major groups. MedTech’s image and foundations will allow Strasbourg to stand out from other European medical-sector clusters and offer a clear path for the city’s ambitions. Some 1000 new jobs have been created and over 20 start-ups have moved to the MedTech campus to stand alongside major international groups such as Covidien, GE, Storz, and Siemens. The campus has been recognised by the French Tech initiative, which has awarded it the French Tech label in the sector of medical technologies of excellence.

The award of the French Tech label provides a significant boost for start-ups looking to compete in international markets with major American companies.

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