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MEDTECH : a fast-growing market

The medical technologies, or MedTech sector covers a broad range of activities and skills. With an annual growth rate of between 5 to 7%, the worldwide MedTech market is worth some €200 billion, 50% of which comes from Europe, including 10% from France, with Alsace at the forefront.

Why this business sector?

Product lifecycles remain short, with innovations mainly based on tweaking existing products. Medical imaging is the sector with the largest recent growth, especially in Alsace. A key feature in medical technologies is the importance of the end user in product development projects, as the introduction of the product often leads to a concomitant shift in healthcare organisation. In France alone, there are now over 5000 companies, mainly SMEs, leading the way in medical technology innovation.

How has this sector managed to continue to thrive both domestically and internationally, despite the difficult economic climate? Over the last few decades, as our standard of living, demographics and technical progress have moved forward, medical treatment has steadily improved and become less invasive. Whereas a few years ago our main aim was to live longer, nowadays, while still seeking longevity, we are also striving for an equivalent quality of life. This is opening the way to new innovations, using new techniques and technology to treat us more quickly and more efficiently, with increased control and predictability.

Innovation boosts competitiveness

Strasbourg’s medical technologies campus opened in 2012, with the aim of becoming the European gold standard for MedTech, jointly driven by scientific achievement and business growth. The campus was designed to create the ideal environment for the development, evaluation and marketing of the medical and surgical technologies of the future.

* Source : ANSM, Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des produits de santé


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