Gold Label For The Alsace Biovalley Competitiveness Cluster

Label gold décerné à Alsace Biovalley en mars 2016

The Alsace Biovalley healthcare competitiveness cluster has been awarded the gold label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).

The label was awarded in early March, following a two-day audit in 2015 year-end. The ECEI assessed 31 quality indicators in areas ranging from governance, financing and strategy to structure, performance and integration in the healthcare ecosystem. The assessment experts made special mention of the following strong points

  • integration in the healthcare ecosystem
  • dedicated services
  • monitoring and follow-up of activities, members and events
  • local, national and international visibility and recognition

Alsace Biovalley was awarded 89 out of a possible 100 points.

This award gives official recognition of the quality of Alsace Biovalley’s organisation, services and practices and its strong international scope. Only 15 out of the 69 French competitiveness clusters have so be far been awarded the Gold Label. The label is valid until 2017 year-end, when a new audit will be performed.

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